International LMA Awards is a registered organization that is registered in Nigeria with Govt approved documents/ international partnership with African Awakening International, UK.
LMA is one of the Biggest Showbiz Media Brand that covers more than 17 African countries, Asia, Europe, and America for awarding and celebrating leaders, models, beauty queens, celebrities,  entrepreneurs, and business moguls. We interview, Award, and bring your image to the world.


Over the years these 4 brands have made a huge impact on the lives of people around the world.
1 LMA EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & AWARDS: – (E-commerce, Professional digital marketing, General branding) – We promote people and brands through our interviews on different websites, pages, and groups that reach millions of people online. They will also receive an International Award from us which will give their brands more value and International recognition. Only those that are interviewed will be nominated. The interview is what nominates any individual or group.
2: LMA BRAND AMBASSADOR: – Every year an eligible person is carefully selected by the LMA board Of Directors and trustees to announce and promote his/her work for a period of one 1year with the benefits of being on the cover of LMA International magazine, LMA Certificate of Merit and golden opportunity to become LMA magazine contributor. 
3: INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE (LMA MAGAZINE – One unique quality about the LMA Magazine is that is being published both online and offline. The magazine has featured international personalities, leaders, and role models.
4 LMA SCHOOL OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT POPULARLY KNOWN AS “I CAN”: – A mentoring Academy Aimed at shaping the lives of young black males and females around the world, Which Advocates On Africanism And Youth Empowerment in Nigeria, Africa & Europe. Recently started in Asaba, Delta state Nigeria. This training centers on Mentorship, Branding, Startup, Capacity Building, and Human Resource Management)
LMA Awards was founded because of these purposes. Content creation through LMA magazine, brand promotion, exclusive interviews, and leadership Awards.
Our GOAL is to constantly bring your name and work across the Globe.
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