Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a Nigerian International Multiple Award Winning Leadership speaker, Self-Taught Author, and Community Leader.  He’s among the Nigerian expertise on coaching the young people on Branding, Startup, Capacity Building, and Human Resource Management.

 Dr. Olubogu founded International LMA Awards in February 2012; LMA started on Whatsapp group chat and later was taken to the Facebook group page.   In April 2013 LMA was officially launched and branded to operate in all Social media. In 2015 LMA was recognized as the first International Online Leadership Awards, because of its recognition that has attracted numerous attention from famous and known personalities around the world. Between the years 2013 and 2016, LMA has interviewed and awarded over 157 persons and between 2017 to 2020 to over 189 persons.
Dr. Olubogu was one-time formal Director of Research and Development At Global African Council Of Youth Leaders, (DRDGACY) and a member of Africa Awakening International, U.K (AA1) a mentoring Academy Aimed at shaping the lives of young black males and females around the world, Which Advocates On Africanism And Youth Empowerment In Nigeria, Africa & Europe.  In 2014 he was awarded as the First Africa4U Role Model UK, with two Outstanding Achievement awards founded by Tony Tokunbo Fernandez.
In 2017, he became the Media Partner of the Black History Month Celebration in the UK (BHMC) and also the present Vice President of the Gathering of Mentors (GOM).  In 2017, Dr. Olubogu founded LMA International Magazine.
One unique quality about the LMA Magazine is that is being published both online and offline. The magazine has featured international personalities on the cover and attracted lots of Leadership attention.
Late in 2019, Dr. Olubogu launched a brand known as “LMA Brand Ambassador” where an individual is selected and promoted for one year.  In 2020, he was nominated and was given an Honorary Doctorate title/award PhD from Philosophical Institute India (IPI Ph.D.), founded by Grand Dr. (Prof) Niranjan C. Bhat for his Humanitarian Work and Community Engaging Movement. Dr. Olubogu was recently nominated for Red Blazer of excellence achievement USA Award founded by Dr. Carl Wilson Jr for his humanitarian works and also nominated for 50 inspiring young people in the world by Galleon Publishing. Dr. recently received his 2nd Honorary Doctorate Award from Myles Leadership Award.
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