My name is Ugochukwu Nkechi A. From Ideato North L.G.A IMO state. My success story is one born out of a burning desire and passion to achieve extraordinary thing and leave a permanent footprint in this world. It is a story born out of confusion, emotional distress, psychological disorders, family and environmental challenges. It all started at a very tender age. According to my mum, I was a young girl filled with power and zeal to read and learn. Yes! I love reading and anything learnable. I can remember rushing to school with empty stomach just to go and learn.
Physically, I was born with this fine legs called “bow leg”. And due to that as a growing kid, I was called all sorts of names by peer group, was insulted, humiliated, but I remembered what one of my teacher will always say. ” Nkechi, I love you because no matter how people insult you, you always laugh it off.” I see insults as positive challenges and I see challenges as an avenue or an instigator to think deeper on ways to make it and achieve more.
When I entered secondary school, I kept reading. I wasn’t reading the things in school curriculum. No!! I read books that are not use in formal education. I was widening my horizon with things not taught in a formal educational system. I read motivational books and one of them “think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, motivated me to think outside the formal education setting. I also started attending seminars, workshops and identifying with like minds. I wrote a book then called ” captivating greatness” but it wasn’t published.

After secondary school, I left my home town to Owerri in the view of establishing contacts in all tertiary institutions of my choice for immediate admission into the university, which I got. “Success doesn’t come to people’s doorstep, you go out there and work for it”
There, I met my political mentor Igboayaka O Igboayaka who taught me politics and helped me is winning a political office. I learnt from him also that man shouldn’t always be interested in what life gives but what he can render to life. I knew politics was not my calling. My course of study in school wasn’t also my calling. I was lacking absolute direction and deep inside me, was a great vacuum waiting to be filled. I kept venturing into many things. Jack of all trades, master of none. I knew quit well then that I needed something. I needed an extraordinary thing. I knew I can achieve anything I conceive in my mind to. I read the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and this statement in which Napoleon was described, kept me going. “He was a man that doesn’t know where he is going and such men go the farthest”
In year 1, I tried establishing an NGO but I failed. I tried again in 200 level, I failed. I kept trying different things. Trying to reach out and assist others especially follow girls in their destiny and purpose pursuit. I kept failing but it wasn’t actually failures, I was actually learning and gathering experiences. But it wasn’t easy to fail and just learn, No! I lost my self confidence. I lost self esteem. I was depressed and lost the passion and zeal to try something else. Most importantly, I lost the sight of God. I gave up in fact.
Finally, I met a very wonderful God instrument. My mentor through Mr Remy Chukwunyere. I met Ifeanyichukwu Petwise who has helped me and still helping me in my purpose pursuit. He helped me start up my long visioned NGO called keeping it real int’l which is into girl child education and sensitization. A non feminist platform. He is still helping me. Life is all we assumed it to be. We have been giving everything in our possession to create a desirable environment for us and others. We are where we are today because that is the level we are able to create. I encourage each and every one of us that no matter your challenges in life, all it takes to overcome is courage. It takes courage to overcome and confront your weakness and fears. You can do and achieve anything you conceive in your mind to. Get a good mentor. Mentors are like physical angels that help assist you in discovering your life purpose and seeing to is fulfilment
Leadership is the process of taking absolute control over one’s vision and being a determinant to it’s fulfillment through maximizing opportunities and creating harmony within the environment.


ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a Nigerian International Multiple Award Winning international speaker, Community Leader, Brandpreneur, Author, International Media personality, Publisher, Business/investment coach, Author and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award Recipient from Myles Leadership University.

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