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    My name is Anaya Hajah Yabome Isatu Kamara aka Anaya Kamara Entrepreneur, I am a Multi Inspirational Entreprenuer in Public Speaking, Hair & Beauty Specialist, Hair care Consultant and Faith Networker.

    My leadership journey started shortly after I gave my life to Christ when a few good friends introduced me to network marketing in 2003 via Amway products and the importance of self development. I began to read books such as rich dad poor dad, how to win friends and influence people, Jim Rohn etc to name a few, these were my first encounter in the world of becoming a leader and changing my mindset. Now I like to be real so it didn’t come easy with the transition as it’s a habit you have to develop and willingly applying on a daily or weekly basis in order to be consistent.
    It took me first like 4 to 5 years just to change my mindset before actually putting the knowledge in action. I have to work on so many things like communication skills, peoples skills, timing, under promising but over delivering, following up, sales, managing money and clients, planning and executing plans etc.There was a lot of trials and failures, loosing potentials clients, promoters and sponsors due to lack of accurate and punctual character. That was a learning experience for me then via network marketing and here it is, “if it’s has to be, it’s up to me”. Leadership is your character and consistency in who you are and what you stand for.

    The Birth of Anaya Hair and Beauty

    After my Masters degree graduation back in December 2005 , I travelled home to visit my parents as my ex boyfriend then wanted to asked for my hand in marriage, unfortunately the unthinkable happened on our way back from my Dad’s hometown to Freetown when we had a gruesome accident and my Dad was killed on the spot and we survive, later my Dad’d friend died few years due to brain damage.

    As for me I had severe leg scars and months down the line back in the UK I began to suffer memory loss,depression kicked in, then stress, isolation, immobilised, broken heart etc. I even stopped going to church as I was angry with God but light came when I started doing my own hair in braids and my neighbours started coming to my flat to get theirs done, all this I did just to get my mind active and not to feel sorry for myself. The few clients then started to spread the word about my talents and skills in braiding and hair extensions and it germinates within 6 weeks. I remember my network marketing skills and so I started to put them in action and went for a 4 day course on business start up and seminar with HMRC on self employment.
    I went back to school, this time to study all hair types as I was getting calls from all over i.e. Afro hair, Asian and Caucasian hair, I gained level 2 & 3 Diploma in all hair types then level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy. I was also introduce to Mary Kay cosmetics UK, of which I became a Beauty Consultant and i’m so grateful I did. I learnt a lot about team building and enriching others.

    My journey so far is an inspiration, faith in action and hope to humanity that anything broken can fixed, and a message that your destiny is already ordained by God but it’s manifestation is decided by you. Leadership is tough and it’s and embodiment of character, integrity, perseverance, planning, giving, impacting, humility, sharing your vision and most of all becoming who you are. I decided to rise again from my rock bottom as the situation at the time presented itself ugly and been humiliated but i’m a living survivor and so grateful to God, my Dad and myself for not giving up.
    My mission today is sharing my story and encouraging the younger generation and all, that we are powerful beyond measure and we can be better individuals and role models in using our skills and gifts to overcome darkness. I used my skills in hair to overcome memory loss and severe trauma as an educated Information Systems Developer in IT, now my memory is back 10 years later it’s still a blessing as I now married the two skills together. I encourage the students to finished their degrees, MSc and PHds but at the same time not to neglect their skills in baking perfect cupcakes, or designing machines or clothes, or braiding skills as the superior book always says your gift will make room for you and see anyone diligent in his or her business, they shall stand before kings, they will not stand in-front of mean men.
    As an Award Winning Inspirational Entrepreneur

    This hits me as a surprised last year August 2015 when I receiver an email from the REEBA organisation about my story and how they were so inspired about it. The rest has been history and since my very first award as Inspirational Entrepreneur 2015, doors has opened and suddenly I’ve become a role model in my family, my clientele and profile is been looked at differently, the community, other organisations, universities etc are inviting me to share and run workshops on Entrepreneurship in the 20th century.

    Do not allow your situation to define who you are, you are powerful beyond measure and your mind has the capacity to transform what life throws at you into diamond that goes through pressure.Currently I’m working on becoming a successful Leader and Mentor via Alpha Saba Kamara Foundation in memory of my Dad and younger brother. In Leadership, you never stop growing and gaining more truthful knowledge and insights so you can pass it on to the next generation for a brighter future, nation and world.
    Anaya Kamara Entrpreneur
    Website: http://www.anayahairandbeauty.com
    Twitter: AnayaHairBeauty
    Youtube: Anaya Hair and Beauty
    Facebook:Anaya Hair and Beauty Award Winner
    Facebook: Anaya Kamara Entrepreneur


    ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a Nigerian International Multiple Award Winning international speaker, Community Leader, Brandpreneur, Author, International Media personality, Publisher, Business/investment coach, Author and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award Recipient from Myles Leadership University.

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