The future of this great country lies in your hands that’s why there is a 90% chances and that great future will only come when we stop folding our hands, stop keeping quiet and start showing love to one another, without all these Nigeria is gradually heading down a banana Republic and this article is one part of my contribution because we need everyone’s voice and support. Nigeria will have no future until they stop saying NO and frustrating the dreams of the younger generation. Any nation that had not practicalized and promote true love and peace within and among his fellow citizens should not pray to God for freedom, that freedom will be nothing but a nightmares. Any nation that has not gotten the vision why they want to move forward will remain backward even when they are tryinga to move forward.

In my growing up as a younger boy i was told that human being are nice people but are very deceptive by nature. My problem is not the corrupt government that is far from me but my problem is my corrupt neighoour that is closer to me. When we write about poor leadership in Nigeria, people will overlook it and see it as one of those usual write up of some set of opportunist and attention seekers. Three qualities to identify a selfish man is that he is quiet when other people are been killed, he is quiet when other people has nothing to eat and also he is quiet when other people has no place to lay their heads. Nothing is new still in a life of reap what you sow(Karma,Nemesis and Boomerang). You will see and hear,someday you could become a victim. Corruption is a complete understanding of our downfall to grow as a country and a nation. corruption is a deadly disease, abstain from your heart.Majority know the truth but look away with the lust for money and what money could only afford(vanity).Kindly think about the unborn child,our children,pregnant women,the elderly, people with disabilities and the sick.

Majority top sectors and local offices in Nigeria are highly corrupted and will do more harm if giving an opportunity to operate in a bigger platform. Bribery is now generally advised,Corruption too is generally encouraged , prostitution is now legalised, and some people have boldly choose a career to become an abortionist,the electricity power house workers are no more cooperative, 80% of Nigerian workers work for money and not for PASSION. God frown on any nation that keeps quiet over sin.We live in a country where some of your neighbours are not happy with your little progress and ended up with very wrong motivates. Maximum security is needed when you have business and dealing working at your paste due to fear in your comfort zone. Our problem is not far from us,it’s in us,we are just too proud to accept the Holy truth.

Don’t forget in a hurry that the government that we are pointing accusing fingers on and complaining about every time were picked among us, just like Late Dr. Mlyes Munroe said, It is impossible for an unrighteous nation to produce righteous leaders, the Holy true remedy is to train and raise new set of leaders that will take over the next generation and if we don’t buy this idea, Nigeria will still have more frustrating years ahead. Many people are full of greed and evil in their little offices and place of work but because their status are not publicize, so their greed becomes private that no one talks about it. We have seen and watched many videos where human beings will burn alive their fellow human being in the name of self believe and tradition, this is to tell you how wicked the soul of man is in the natural.

I have a dream and i look forward to that coming soon era were churches will preach nothing but LOVE, where Emotional Intelligence and attitude becomes a subject in our SCHOOLS, where Parents will not give birth until they know how to raise positive kids in a negative WORLD. That we are keeping quiet doesn’t mean we like what is happening but we are only waiting for the right time, that we are keeping quiet doesn’t mean we are hopeless but we all know that Solution lies inside everyone of us.Your dream is very important not just for you but for Nigeria as a nation. If anyone walks up to you and tell you that you can’t do it, don’t believe that person, even if is me. Many lives would positively become somebody and useful through you as it is written. Your dream should be the only thing you are living for. Families may discourage you, Friends may not believe you and conditions would delude you but i want to assure you that you can never be truly happy until you locate your dream. I wish you all a greater future ahead and i know five years from now you will be among the solution, in Jehovah’s name i decree Amen..

Ifeanyichukwu Petwise, is a Nigerian multiple award winning Inspirational public speaker, a change catalyst, leadership coach, Financial literacy Planner, Business expert, Self-taught writer, Community leader, Social Entrepreneur, Student mentor & award winning Gospel artiste.



ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a Nigerian International Multiple Award Winning international speaker, Community Leader, Brandpreneur, Author, International Media personality, Publisher, Business/investment coach, Author and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award Recipient from Myles Leadership University.

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